Parris & Associates Launches Rebranding & Growth Initiative

A New Evolution as Parris Construction Management

Raynham, MA – February 1, 2020: After eighteen years in business, Parris & Associates, a family-owned construction management company, announced today that they are launching a rebranding and growth initiative, and evolving the name of their company from Parris & Associates to Parris Construction Management. The company specializes in renovating and building meaningful spaces in healthcare, hospitality and education, and partners with clients, architects, designers and property managers in the New England region.

“Parris Construction Management will still be the same family-owned construction management company our clients know, committed to partnerships and quality, with the same owners and leaders – just with a new name, re-branded identity and evolving focus.” said CEO and President Robert Parris Jr..

Years of candid feedback from its clients has allowed the company to better understand its value as well as narrow in on areas of improvement.  “Within the new initiative, we’ll be placing tremendous attention on these areas to exceed client expectations, grow modestly and strive to be the best construction management company and partner we can be.”, added COO and Vice President Andrew Parris.

CIO and Vice President Robert Parris III added, “Over the coming months, we’ll be launching changes with the company name, website and social media presence, client and partner communications, internal role announcements, process improvements, new offerings and more. We’re aiming to continue keeping pace with the times, better leverage technology, improve processes – and overall, remain committed to the collective future of our clients, employees and company.”

About Parris Construction Management: Parris Inc. is a family-owned construction management company. We work with owners, property managers, architects and designers, and specialize in the construction of meaningful spaces for leading clients in healthcare, hospitality and education. We retain 100+ years of collective construction expertise, 30+ years of active buying experience in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality.